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Will we see a new Bundesliga Champion anytime soon besides Bayern Munich?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Will anyone dethrone these guys? German powerhouse club Bayern Munich wrapped up another domestic title for the eighth consecutive year a few weeks ago with two fixtures to spare. In addition last week they completed the German double for back to back campaigns with a 4-2 win in the DFB Pokal final in Berlin against Bayer Leverkusen. As a result continue their unstoppable dominance over the rest of the clubs in the nation. This Bundesliga season was one to remember and different than the usual that's expected. Trailing the then surprise league leaders Borussia Monchengladbach by four points after the dismissal of former manager Niko Kovac in November. There was hopes that this season would and will go down to the wire and maybe we will see a different team besides the Bavarian giants lift the Meisterchaft. Despite being a four team race for the majority of the season with Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Monchengladbach, Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig all having legitimate claims on why they can lift the title in the spring (In this case early summer due to the rescheduling of the season).

Personally I would love to see a new champion and have the league title go to other various clubs around the league but I also don't see it happening anytime soon unfortunately. Bayern Munich are in simpler terms just to advanced in comparison to the rest of the nations competition. The record title holders with 30 league titles and 20 national cups have built a brand and identity that demands success on all fronts. The club has built a foundation to win everything in their path in a single football season. Despite that some would say "Well eventually they got to be taken down". This time I don't think that will be the case with this team for awhile. They simply just know how to close out games and seasons when It's necessary as they did last year on the final day beating Frankfurt claiming there then at the time 7th consecutive league title. Despite the last winners of Dortmund in 201, since teams have struggled to come close as last year was one of the most exciting title races the league has had in recent time. Now again on the point of what I was saying about closing out seasons it was done again this time around after the restart. With most teams in various leagues needing to get there foot on the ground or back into fitness and in form. Bavaria's biggest club and if not the whole nation were able to win all nine games after the restart being the only team in the division to do so.

With the prior point mentioned indicating on most seasons Munich are and will be favorites to win the league on most occasions before the beginning of a season. Even after the departure of many of there veteran stars leaving in recent years to leave room for the next generation the club managed to pull off this transition quiet smoothly with the likes of Joshua Kimmich emerging into a global talent and regular starter for the club who had a league leading amount of touches, Alphonso Davies whose done the same and made himself a place on the team after multiple good performances such as the title clinching fixture against Bremen which lead to him having the leagues record speed at 22mph or even Serge Gnabry who has rose through the ranks in England and finally the Bundesliga in the 2018/2019 season where his debut season for Bayern he was able to acquire player of the season and the following season have his best league return of his career with 12 goals and 10 assists. Despite the youth talent already at the club, the team keeps recruiting and trying to improve even despite a season that showed there qualities on full display. With last week in the time of writing this it was announced that Leroy Sane would be joining Bayern Munich on a long term deal worth 40m and add-ons. Leroy Sane was a vital piece to Pep Guardiola's Man City team that won back to back league titles in 2018 and 2019. With the emergence of this set of young players the window for a team to slip in a title is a smaller opening then one would think as these player will continue to develop into world class players.

Last point to be discussed is the already veteran players. The likes of Robert Lewandowski whose arguably if not the best striker in the world right now after winning his 3rd consecutive leading scorer award with 34 goals and that's just the tally of goals from the league (To put in perspective he has 62 goals in 52 matches this season in all competitions) . Also with Manuel Neuer in between the goal posts who also had the leagues most clean sheets this season with 15 continues to be a strong and positive leader in the dressing room for the club who also helped Bayern concede the fewest goals by any team at 32. Veteran midfielder Thomas Muller also become the new assist king by breaking Kevin De Bruyne single season assist record which was 19 in the 2015 campaign with Wolfsburg. Muller completed 21 in the assists this season in the league breaking the record by two assists. All these statistics mentioned further suggest that the veterans will continue to do what they do best and maybe even more then what's expected.

With this fusion of new talent and stars of the past It's really hard to say if anyone will break into a title winning team against. Look at Dortmund a quality team with so much young talent and leaders on the team still finished second behind the champions by 13 points and that's still a fairly large gap between the second best title pursuers. Only time will tell if Dortmund or Leipzig can breakdown Bayern but with the formula that those sides carry of not being able to lockdown there key and star players will ultimately leave Bayern as champions for a long time to come.

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