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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Football to the world and from my part of the world known as soccer, comes in many shapes and forms. With the different tournaments and levels all accessible from various devices and services to get a grip of it all, one form of the game that’s taken storm of the discussion is the women's game. Women’s football hasn’t always been looked at in the light but in this writing I can name and assure you reasons why. Just like the men’s game there’s international duties, Domestic cups and leagues as well as continental tournaments that serve as the highest level for the most elite of clubs. Viewed under the men’s game it’s time to take notice after another successful Women’s World Cup that drew crowds and a bigger audience than ever before. 

The first of a never ending list of reasons why women’s football is the real deal is the different stories that come from it. Unlike men’s football we all know the main teams and the strongest from individual Nations. For example Arsenal in the premier league haven’t been at the level their use to from the past. Whereas the women side of the club have been in form and on a tear winning the Women’s Super League, while Man City were only able to win domestic cups. Another example is look at Olympique Lyon not being able to win domestic titles that they were accustomed to in the early 2000s. In comparison to the ladies who are world known as the leaders in the women’s game, with constant league titles year after year to also record holding number of European cups in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, to boasting some of the women’s games biggest stars. The difference between men’s and women’s clubs can see the same teams be on a completely different scale of success. 

Women’s football as mentioned with the different stories means different levels of success. With that being said it seems women’s footballers are much more down to earth and humble. These different stories means not the usual Barcelona or Real Madrid player or top premier league club player is automatically put as a superstar. Women’s footballers are paid less meaning egos haven’t been developed to the point where players are cocky and full of themselves. In this day and age compared to past generations where players were seen as more on this earth and not celebrities, an age where players were regular people before superstars. Women’s players are also known for taking up other jobs to make ends meet or because the women's schedule isn’t as demanding and need to fill time in free periods. Nadia Nadim a Afghan-Danish footballer who played for some of the world's top women’s teams across the world from Portland Thorns to Manchester City and now currently Paris Saint-Germain. She’s recognized as a penalty shot specialist with a high energy style of play who’s able to get results in front of the goal. With multiple honours in football she’s also attending medical school to become a surgeon on her time away from football and after her playing days. Besides Alex Morgan most players in the women’s game have other fields of interest that their involved in. With Women’s players you can see yourself more in them and relate to them more so than players who have made it in the game with large deals and sums of money.

The last reason the women’s game is meant to be taken seriously is that it’s still developing. I know that may sound like a contradiction but I mean what I mean, the fact that the game is still being developed is a highlight with teams and leagues still finding their path. it just means things are only getting better. Also another note to mention with the highlight of the game growing is that it may find its own identity and its own distinguishing feel away from the men’s game to truly become its own branch of the game. I know some fans of the sport, who weren’t able to watch women’s football now they can’t get enough of it, fans are seeing the plus sides of it and celebrating them. The quality has dramatically improved in such a short span of time just from the 2015 World Cup in Canada to the one earlier this year in France, you can clearly see the overall quality and fluidity of the game has improved from passes being more accurate to offensive attacks being organized in ways men’s football hasn’t seen before. 

I’ve only mentioned some reasons but in reality there may be bigger ones that can validate why women’s football is the real deal. What was just mentioned is only some of the ideas in why the game is finally being put in the limelight. Football is a powerful sport that runs in all of us and is finally being made available to everyone, with the sport gaining in popularity the hope is one day women’s football get the same level of credibility as the men’s game and not just viewed as a secondary or another thing in the afterthought but become a thought that’s aligned with the primary thought of football fans alike. 

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