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Still bored in self isolation? Here's a list of the best footy watches during Quarantine.

COVID-19 has affected us all in one way or another, adding uncertainty to our lives, health and financial complications or simply just strip ones ability to see there loved ones or participate in the activities they once loved doing freely. In this time most of us have been asked to stay in with the exception of outside necessity trips, with that everyone is taken part in the constant struggle to stay busy or maintain a regular workflow and personal work effort. As things have altered so severely due to this virus making it even difficult even if you are still working with the mind potentially wandering off into other places. In times like these the normal isn't the normal anymore and we have to look out for each other whether it's family, friends, neighbors, peers & etc. Also in times like these we have to find methods to entertain ourselves and for the average football fan having a significant decrease in number of live games means putting your time into somewhere else to be entertained will simply just have to be the only option. Thankfully as football fans we have a substantial amount of classic games to watch but if that's not cutting it then today is your lucky day as I've put together a list of some of my favourite soccer shows, movies and documentaries I've watched since being on lockdown and why they are perfect for filling your time!


(Amazon All Or Nothing Show Banner)

This amazon prime series has left fans and critics aching for similar styled shows like this one. The docuseries follows legendary manager Pep Guardiola lead his 17-18 Manchester City side to two domestic titles one of them being the English Premier League with a record breaking points tally. The series was almost a first of it's kind, I'm sure in the past there's been various movie and tv productions that had a similar idea but nothing goes this in-depth. The series is eight episodes and follows Manchester City's ups and downs from being eliminated in the FA Cup by Wigan in a heartfelt match or the non-stop goals and style of attack they displayed in the same season where they also beat the record for goals in a season by a team. The reason why this is favourite of mine and I heavily recommend it to any football fan is mostly due to the level of insight you gain from watching it. Despite highlighting Pep's genius and the fantastic stars who represent the club, the show takes it a step further and show closely how the medical team operate, pitch and stadium maintenance crew, kit crew and even the people who run the club like the directors and club board. Seeing a top side like City show a season of footage from start to finish on what it takes to be the best in England I'm sure any football fan anywhere if not already would love to spend a day watching a season Pep lead a team to historic feats.


(Netflix show banners, Sunderland fan singing and another in heartbreak)

Now to a new platform and series one which is similar to the one previously mentioned but still slightly different. The well received Netflix Original Series "Sunderland Till I Die" follows the English Football club of Sunderland AFC in the North East of England and their recent collapse into the League One, the English Third Tier. Unlike All Or Nothing this series has more downs than it has ups with the first season culminating mostly the clubs inorganization amongst it's departments adding to the financial strain the club was already carrying and also the relationship between the club and the city itself. More hope is sprinkled throughout the second season with new owners and a new business model to help them ensure progress and hopefully promotion. Again unlike All Or Nothing this series follows more of the behind the scenes affairs amongst a club in England almost at complete opposites of the football world in England, Sunderland Till I Die gives a real idea of how some or most lower league clubs are trying to survive in the current climate of the football world.


(Film poster of Le K Benzema)

This documentary follows the trials and tribulations of French and Real Madrid superstar Karim Benzema and the scandals that almost plagued his career entirely. The film follows Benzema from his humble beginnings in Lyon, France and how his career began with Olympique Lyonnais and the French Youth team as a teen. The film eventually takes a turn with the various accusations scandals that lead him to being excused from the National Team despite being in good form. These lead to media accusations of racism by former player and now manager of France Didier Deschamps, both parties denied allegations. Defending his innocence in different scenarios and ultimately proving it the film then continues to show a side of Benzema a lot wouldn't know about or ever assume he had. Regardless of all the nonsense and barriers his career faced, you see a side of a gentlemen who cares for his family and is talked about with high praise by many peers and friends such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Samir Nasri and more all complementing the French star and even furthering the comments by saying he's almost like a brother. This film is good to throw on if you still want your footy fix but want something with a little bit more then simply just football.


(Dortmund Celebrate win against Hertha Berlin after late winner by Marco Reus which lead the title race to the final day)

Made and produced literally identically to All Or Nothing Manchester City but instead of the Premier League and City, it's the Bundesliga and Borussia Dortmund. Even though it's produced by the German counterparts of All Or Nothing the documentary series couldn't be any more different. Mainly due to the fact that Dortmund weren't favourites in any competition last year in the 18-19 season but we're pushing the envelope. Borussia Dortmund also known as BVB brought the Bundesliga to a title race that went to the final day against arch rivals Bayern Munich something the division hasn't seen in years. Unlike the reigning champions of England Man City, Dortmund last year were left with nothing but a breath separated them from being crowned champions. Despite fighting hard and having multiple battles with injuries and financial disputes and the show ended at least in a joyous form with Dortmund raising the German Super Cup title in front of their home fans at the yellow wall and at the expense of rivals Bayern Munich. Again the perfect show for any fan who would like to see the ins and outs of how a football team is run from all levels with a top tier club.


(Netflix Show Banner, Dorados Press conference with Maradona in middle)

Arguably the most entertaining out of the five choices, Maradona in Mexico is about legendary and controversial Argentinean football icon Diego Maradona as he gets a assigned to coach Mexican club Dorados De Sinaloa in Culiacan, Mexico who play in the country's second division. With Maradona's history and association with drug use and the general regions association with drug trafficking the idea of him managing the club was met with great concern. The show doesn't focus on any of those things, with the icon immediately building a strong relationship with the team the series highlights Maradona's charismatic personality and behaviour and his passion for the beautiful game and ultimately all the staff. With complications on the pitch with the results, with the condition of clubs facilities and other problems scattered around the team, Maradona came and reinvented the team giving them a light of hope, recognition globally and some hilarious moments that anyone would find funny. Out of all of them I do think this would be the easiest for a non footballing fan to watch just due to the level of humor, drama and interesting profiles they do throughout the season.


  • Concrete Football - Netflix

  • Derby Days Series - YouTube

  • 2018 Fifa World Cup Film - Youtube

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