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Jared Maloney Interview: Talks Life In Finland, First Pro Contract & Upbringing in Football

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Jared Maloney has continued to move up the ranks in Canada within the Canadian system including at the university level. Recently the goal stopper has begun a pro career abroad even at his young age. This interview we talked about how his life in Finland since signing his Pro contract in at the club Korsans FF in Kolomonen, which is their respected 3rd tier.

Q1: How have you adjusted to life in Finland since signing your first pro contract?

A1: Adjusting to life in Finland wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Especially living in a rural area where life is simple for the most part. Although there’s no distractions, no traffic, and no commuting, the biggest change that I had to endure was the sudden change in sleep schedule, being out of my comfort zone, and being away from my family/friends.

Q2: What have been the differences in culture & play between Canada and Finland?

A2: The difference in culture really depends on the area of Finland that you’re living in. In my area, around the west coast of Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia. It seems like there’s a history of colonization because most people in my area speak Swedish. So I was a little confused in terms of a language barrier at first.

The football is actually very similar to what we have in Canada. Less technical ability and more of a focus on strength and fitness. However the biggest difference is that Finland has a premier league that is highly financially invested into development.

Q3: What nationalities comprises your division & all over Finland have you noticed?

A3: There’s lots of nationalities I’ve noticed in the league. Some of them being; Bosnians, Ukrainians, Macedonians, Swedish. Especially on my team, because we do a lot of international recruiting.

Q4: Was playing as a goalie your primary position? How did you get involved in footy?

A: Playing as a keeper was always my primary position I would say, although in rec I did dabble a little bit in striker. But if I’m going to play a pick up game, I try my best to play forward.

Jared continues with

A: I got into footy because of where I used to live my family couldn’t afford to put me into competitive soccer all the time so I used to play with the neighborhood kids. Nobody wanted to play keeper, so I did. My “net” was almost always the mailbox and the corner where the grass ended to gravel. I was eventually noticed by my elementary school teacher who recommended me to go to Ottawa South United tryouts because his son played there. I had to ask my mom to pay for it as my Christmas gift! The rest is history.

Q5: Where do you want to take your career? And where do you see it going?

A: I see my career in Europe for maybe a couple more years, and then eventually I want to go back to North America and play professionally there. As I get older and more experienced, I want to start branding my own goalkeeper training company.

Final Question: What is your advice to young Canadian footballers trying to become pro?

Final Answer: My advice for young footballers is to go for your dreams, and if you want something keep pushing for it. Although some kids tend to develop later on in their career, they should definitely consider going through school first so you have a backup plan. Who knows - you might find a new passion beyond football. On the other hand, getting my degree made me feel more comfortable pushing for professional football because I always had a backup plan.

Throughout your journey, you might need help along the way; whether it be from your parents, mentors, coaches, or even God. Don’t be shy to push beyond what you think is your boundaries.

Jared Maloney ladies & gentlemen!!! A individual who has overcome the odds to put himself in a position to develop his game and also live a lifestyle that many dream about. From working his way up the ranks in Ontario, Canada and it's system to the University game. He has a pro contract and continues to fight for promotion for his club and progress in his own individual career.

A special thanks to the man himself for giving us the time to do this. For more on him or ways to follow what he's up to check out his Instagram listed below

Big shoutout to Jared's agency for helping get where he is! There instagram is listed below

(All pictures used in this article interview are taking from his instagram)

To see his highlight tape to get an idea of his style of play here's his 2019 Highlight tape again listed below

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