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Is There A Specific Way To Support Your Club & Football???

Recently I came across a podcast that obviously was related to football, it was done over the premier league games over the weekend. One of the topics of discussion was how one of the guys will wear any jersey even ones of certain rivals of his favourite club Liverpool. Most guests on the livestream podcast seemed unbothered by the statement while the others were left with disappointment plastered across their face. That whole sequence inspired this writing, mainly due to the fact that I’m similar and will wear any jersey I find appealing and/or I relate to. It made me think would I be ridiculed for my love of the sport even despite my admiration for the certain clubs I support.

My story of who I support isn’t particularly unusual but it isn’t the most straightforward even though different people have this method of supporting clubs. Now the first team I fell in love with and began following was Olympique De Marseille. After living in Europe and going to a French school I was surrounded by fellow supporters and that’s where it all began, the light blue and white colours just did something to me instantly. With years to follow moving back to Canada I was able to be exposed to the Premier League a little more directly, as I got older and was able to follow sports more thoroughly. With that I saw the dominance of Manchester United in the late 2000s but my heart swayed towards the red of North London. I began claiming to be an Arsenal fan despite family members being heavy Liverpool supporters. With all that exposure to the game, at the time I still wasn’t as much of a hardcore fan of both Marseille and Arsenal just yet despite liking them.

As time continued, Celtic then visited Canada in a preseason fixture against Manchester United which was televised, again leading me to associate with Celtic FC in relation to my Irish roots. As the years passed, different clubs for example FC Seoul and others have captured my heart leading me to believe I’m a heavy supporter of all these clubs.

Now this article is to examine can that really be the case? Personally I think it’s fine and it doesn’t discredit your love for any of those clubs. When supporting a club to begin with means you most likely have a love for football. Which in conclusion means you are a fan of the game and with so much football all across the globe, it's understandable that one would associate themselves with the clubs that gain entry into their heart. It’s easy people can support their local team and also a team from a country of their ethnic background overseas. You can support all those clubs and even also support a club that you visited once on vacation, and the night was so amazing that you fell in love with that team as well.

There’s really no rules in association to supporting and loving the game. Vuj a football content creator always says there’s no rules and there truly isn’t. As I didn’t previously mention he was the one wearing the Liverpool kit in the podcast as he as well has an extensive list of clubs he supports. A Liverpool fan at heart as his main interest and also a love for Red Star Belgrade due to his Serbian heritage as he publicly supports both clubs, even last year in the Champions League when they were in the same group. Without a rulebook to determine what’s allowed and what’s not simply do what your heart desires, explore the game as much as you can as there’s so much it can offer. Football has so many different aspects and stories available at your fingertips and if there’s anything that touches your heart from it, then continue to follow that regardless of what anybody says are the rule of supporting. 

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